Leasing and Financing

All you need to know about lease purchasing…

Dealing with gym equipment can be costly, especially when you are starting up a new business or need to replace an expensive piece of equipment. Cutler Gym Equipment now offers leasing in partnership with ‘Kennet Equipment Leasing’, allowing you to spread the cost over a long-term investment. This will allow you get the best available equipment, without compromising on quality or quantity.

The benefits of leasing with Kennet include:

  • No need to find hefty deposits.
  • Offset all the operational costs against your tax bill, as all lease payments are treated as allowable business expense.
  • Accurately budget your cash flow, with regular repayments; you won’t have to worry about increasing interest and inflation rates.
  • Settlement of the supplier invoice upon installation/delivery.
  • Quick decisions that allows you to have the equipment up, running and earning money in no time.
  • Save your cash for other purchases or unexpected events.
  • Preserve existing credit lines and overdrafts.
  • Get the best equipment for your business, not just the cheapest.

How does a lease purchase work?

A lease purchase is an agreement under which the leasing company pays for the goods upfront and gives up possession of the assets to the customer in return for payment instalments. The lease agreement enables you to use the equipment over a period of time on payment of rentals to the leasing company. You make a series of regular payments, usually on a monthly basis. During the payment period the equipment remains property of the lease company (Kennet), once all payments have been competed, ownership becomes yours.

Is there a minimum amount spend?

Any item of equipment can be leased purchased from our ‘in stock’ collection as long as the total is £1,000 upwards. A lease purchase from our ‘design and build’ collection is a minimum of £6000.

Based on £1000 spend:

2 Year Lease
Lease Term 2 Years
Weekly Payment £12.05
First Payment £52.20
23 Monthly Payments £52.20
Total Cost £1,252.80
Tax Relief @ 19% £238.03
Net cost of Finance £1,014.77
3 Year Lease
Lease Term 3 Years
Weekly Payment £8.19
First Payment £35.50
35 Monthly Payments £35.50
Total Cost £1,278.00
Tax Relief @ 19% £242.82
Net cost of Finance £1,035.18
4 Year Lease
Lease Term 4 Years
Weekly Payment £6.67
First Payment £28.90
47 Monthly Payments £28.90
Total Cost £1,387.20
Tax Relief @ 19% £263.57
Net cost of Finance £1,123.63
5 Year Lease
Lease Term 5 Years
Weekly Payment £5.42
First Payment £23.50
59 Monthly Payments £23.50
Total Cost £1,410.00
Tax Relief @ 19% £267.90
Net cost of Finance £1,142.10

Our partners Kennet Equipment Leasing have dealt with thousands of businesses, many of which have returned time and time again. Over the past 23 years, Kennet have leased more than £500m worth of equipment. With a strong balance sheet, and powerful funder backing, financing decisions are made promptly.